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Marine, Shipping and Transport, Petrochemical Plants, Refineries, Oil and Gas Industry, Aviation, Manufacturing Plants, Process Industries, Constructions Industries, Precision Industries and other plants must meet high quality standards and ensure that precision test and measurement instruments are pinpoint accurate in order to meet specific international industry standards and assure the quality of output in the supply chain. We provide these state-of-the-art services both onsite and in our laboratory. Cost-effective and comprehensive tools, and world class business principles drawn, manufacturing and Value Engineering. If and when equipment must be serviced offsite, it takes place in Crest Instruments Calibration laboratory. Our technicians calibrate all types of electronic,mechanical, and other equipment, helping businesses achieve mission-critical objectives with impressive turnaround times.

We know how to get the job done—quickly, thoroughly and consistently.



When the equipment you rely is down, our expert repair team can get you back up and running. We are always focused on bringing your equipment back to peak performance at the lowest possible cost.

  • We provide component-level test equipment repairs which offer significant savings over high cost of parts replacement or sometimes purchase of new instruments.

  • We always try to provide repairs of virtually all equipment from all manufacturers which may have discontinued or obsolete.

And if a unit is “beyond economical repair” or parts are no longer available, our technical sales team can

recommend and supply equivalent replacement products irrespective of the manufacturer with same specifications.


Common Test and Measurement Equipment Faults:

  • Out of tolerance

When test equipment is found out of tolerance, there is a risk to all products and components on which it is used.

  • No output

A meter or scope that fails to display an output could be the result of several problems. Internal circuitry (printed circuit boards, assemblies) may          require complete replacement.

  • Buttons or selectors not functioning

A button or selector that fails to register can be the result of a wire or connection that is corroded or broken.

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