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Crest Instruments Calibration has a climate-controlled laboratory to stabilize instruments and our team of dimensional calibration Technicians are highly experienced. We provide customers in varied industries with gauge, micrometer, caliper and other tool calibration services. The technicians work in a state-of-the-art, temperature and humidity controlled laboratory for the most accurate measurement. 
After calibration is complete, you will receive a detailed Certificate of Calibration. Information about measurement traceability, Accreditation and the instrument’s condition, including any out-of-tolerance conditions and adjustments made during calibration, will be clearly reported on the certificate


  • External Micrometers

  • Internal Micrometers

  • Depth Micrometers

  • Plunger Dial Gauges

  • Lever Dial Gauges

  • Vernier Calipers

  • Dial Calipers

  • Electronic Calipers

  • Height Gauges

  • Depth Gauges

  • Bore Gauges

  • Dial Thickness Gauges

  • Feeler Gauges

  • Width Gauges

  • Plain Plug Gauges

  • Plain Snap Gauges

  • Plain Gap Gauges

  • Micrometer Setting Standards

  • Cylindrical Setting Masters

  • Slip Gauge Accessories

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